Pastors & Staff

Chris Stewart

Lead Pastor

Pastor Chris was installed as the Lead Pastor at Jesus House on June 30, 2023. Prior to that, he served in youth ministry in various parts of Los Angeles County for 18 years. Chris has gladly dedicated his life to the fulfillment of God’s plan in the church, and in the lives of the next generation. He is the oldest of seven siblings, and has been married to his beautiful wife Sasha since 2012. Chris enjoys movie dates with Sasha, cooking, gaming, Japanese animation and basically anything involving nerd culture. Jesus House is excited to have him and Sasha on board to lead us into the next season!

Marina Macias

Teaching Pastor

Marina is a 2022 graduate of Foursquare’s Life Pacific University, and a health and wellness coach.  At Jesus House she’s a beloved preacher for all ages, bringing the Bible to life with her creative style and remarkable passion. Outside of Jesus House Marina is a health and wellness coach, and in her free time she enjoys her loving family (including a twin sister!), friends, and occasionally she even jumps out of airplanes!

Matt Hyde

Associate Pastor

Matt and his wife Tabitha are OG Jesus House launch team.  Pastor Matt runs our Friday night teams to ensure dinner and service happens….as we put it at Jesus House, every Friday ‘til Jesus comes back! Outside of Jesus House you’ll see Matt doting on his family and his car as he’s very attentive to what and who he loves!

Megan Di IIlo

Giving Administrator

Megan and her husband Jeremy and son Dallas were part of the original launch team for Jesus House and they continue to be a great backbone of leadership for Jesus House.  Megan’s first love is Jesus and 2nd and 3rd are Jeremy and Dallas. She’s also a homeschooling mom, and runs her own business “Delos Designs” where she creates one-of-a-kind wood and resin products. 

Wayne Palica

Youth Director

Wayne has been our Jesus House Youth Director since the pandemic. He has years of experience as a youth advocate in the court system, doing care ministry at rave events, and assisting victims of human trafficking. He runs a non-profit called “I Am Here” Ministries which offers at-risk youth opportunities to rest and heal at a ranch on the California/Oregon border. Everybody loves Wayne! 

Nicole Zhukov


Nicole and her husband Anton have 3 daughters of their own so they have their hands full. You will often find Nicole cooking dinner while also on Zoom for staff prayer! Her energy. The Zhukov family are original Jesus House launch team members, and we couldn’t have come this far with this many kids and youth without them!

Hosanna Kibrom

Worship Director

Hosanna is a student at our Foursquare’s Life Pacific University and came to Jesus House right away in her tenure at Life. She’s an unexpected blessing at Jesus House with her love for Jesus conveyed in her worship sets and leadership of her teams. Hosanna grew up in Foursquare at Hope Chapel Santa Rosa in northern California. She’s a “gatherer of people” and has brought an energy and vitality to Jesus House, which is especially exciting in this season where the Spirit is overflowing through WORSHIP.

Patience Sato

Prayer & Evangelism Team Lead

Patience, her husband Rob and daughters Hannah and Joyce are also original launch team members of Jesus House and have faithfully served in our intercessory prayer ministry since day 1. They have a unique anointing and calling to seek the Lord on behalf of people, and are often seen praying over people long after service has ended. Recently, Patience started a ministry of praying over people at local malls, telling them about about Jesus and giving them Bibles. 

Anthony Shampklin Jr

Production Team Lead

Anthony has been our Production Team Leader since our parking lot days, providing sound via our FM radio transmitter to people who wanted to do “drive in church”, as well as parking lot sound for tailgaters, and livestream to those at home. Anthony is a church planter at heart, serving also at his grandparents’ church plant for years, and he produces low-fi music that’s heard in over 100 countries on Spotify and other music streaming services. His gentle spirit and leadership are so appreciated in an area of ministry that can be very high stress. 

Daniel West

Livestream Lead

Daniel has been a faithful Jesus House family member since our parking lot church days, and he transitioned into the production team, eventually becoming our lead livestream person once we moved indoors. He is a quiet, faithful friend and we love and appreciate that he makes Jesus House available to those who live far away or who have to stay home sick. Daniel is devoted to his family and goes out of his way to help people, which is one of his most Jesus-like qualities.

Linda Byers

Dinner Ministry Director 

Linda embodies the essence of a devoted mother and an extraordinary individual. Her passion lies in fostering meaningful connections and crafting transformative experiences that lead people to encounter the essence of Jesus. As a vital force within Jesus House, she serves as one of our  guiding heartbeats, ensuring we stay on the path of purpose and direction. She is affectionately known as our cruise director.

Sean Hara

Kids Pastor

Sean is currently getting his Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. During his free time he greatly enjoys skateboarding and watching anything that has to do with soccer. He enjoys spending time in God’s word and will never pass up the opportunity to talk to anybody about the Old Testament.

Noelani Jai

Founding Pastor

Along with her husband Ed and a tremendous team, Pastor Noelani founded Jesus House in September of 2018. She was previously the Family Life Pastor at Hope Chapel Huntington Beach (our “mom church”), and she has also been an attorney for children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS in San Francisco, and children in the foster care system in Hawaii. She’s a native Hawaiian, and loves worshipping Jesus through hula. The year they launched Jesus House, the Jai’s also launched both of their children into marriage! They love hosting people in their home, but when no one’s over they love to binge k-drama’s and eat way too much rice for their age! The Jai’s are currently preparing to launch Jesus House Hawaii. Stay tuned!